In Memoriam
by Meira Warshauer

solo cello
4 min. 30 sec.

I wrote these sketches during the days of watching the horror of the attacks of September 11: the collapse of the World Trade Center,
the attack on the Pentagon, the plane crash in Pennsylvania.

I didn’t have a piece in mind, or consciously set out to write one. But the sketches seemed to belong together, afterwards, and to fit the solo cello.
It is my way of holding each other in our loss.

It reflects my sadness, our collective sadness
the loss of loved ones
looking for survivors, not finding...
Hoping it isn’t true, disbelief...
it is true...
The slow motion collapse of the towers--
with that collapse, all of our losses
our national sense of invulnerability gone


Meira Warshauer, 2001

Post Script
December, 2002

solo cello and string orchestra version
Duration: 7 minutes

The string accompaniment is meant to convey a sense of space.
I imagine the lone cello voice wandering amidst the ruins, which resonate with loss and memory.

Hope may be found inside the heart bared open to pain, but also to truth and love.