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APM's Performance Today broadcast of Tekeeyah interview and exerpt
with Haim Avitsur and Meira Warshauer

PRI Living on Earth interview
produced by Aileen LeBlanc

WCQS interview
with Haim Avitsur and Meira Warshauer

WHQR interview
Meira Warshauer with Bob Workmon

SC ETV Radio Your Day interview

WFMT interview
Meira Warshauer with George Preston


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CD Reviews:

"Living, Breathing Earth presents two significant works by an egregiously unsung American composer….Both works show that she has done her teachers proud. Symphony No. 1, “Living, Breathing Earth,” reflects her profoundly ecological sensibilities. Tekeeyah (a call) is a concerto for shofar/trombone and orchestra that takes one deep into her Jewish roots. The performances go far beyond mere advocacy, and Navona’s sound is spine-tingling."
William Zagorski, 2011 Want List, Fanfare Magazine, 35:2, Nov/Dec, 2011
(© 1977-2011 Fanfare, Inc.)

Ms. Warshauer has mastered the art of depicting
nature in sound.
Barry Kilpatrick, American Record Guide September/October 2011


Composer Meira Warshauer’s musical vision of tikkun olam permeates two new orchestral works. “Symphony No.1: Living Breathing Earth” is a shimmering, joyous and soothing ode to the world’s beauty; “Tekeeya” is the first concerto written for shofar, trombone and orchestra. Soloist Haim Avitsur plays a masterful shofar, alternately plaintive, insistent, mysterious and raw, calling for an awakening to inner truth and a reconnection to the earth.
Rahel Musleah Hadassah Magazine October/November 2011

Living Breathing Earth' is slow, measured, seemingly timeless. It soars majestically …read more
William Zagorski, Fanfare Magazine, 35:1, Sept/Oct 2011

(Tekeeyah is) a beautiful, almost transcendental work… I was altogether impressed with this disc! Meira Warshauer is a wonderful composer with a tonal, emotional melodic and harmonic vocabulary that reminded in spots of Jennifer Higdon and I find her music to be refreshing and revealing…. In reading Meira’s website all of her works, frankly, sound wonderful! I would love to hear more of her orchestral works in particular. These are terrific pieces that deserve to be performed more often.
Daniel Coombs, Audiophile Audition, Sept. 3, 2011
read more

Both these CDs (Streams in the Desert and Living Breathing Earth) contain music that is very beautiful and deeply moving. I recommend them to
listeners of all persuasions.
Jerry Dubins, Fanfare Magazine, 35:1, Sept/Oct 2011
(copyright 1977-2011 Fanfare, Inc.) read more


Warshauer's music is shot through with and inspired by mystical and spiritual matters that span a love and respect for Mother Earth and the Jewish faith.
Rob Barnett, Music Web International, May 11, 2011. read more


The experience of listening to the CD is enlivening and deeply moving. The shofar calls out to humanity to appreciate the earth, seek individual purpose, and find inner strength.
Allison Cossman, Jewish Woman, Fall 2011. read more


Both pieces showcase simple and assured beauty.
Francois Couture, Monsieur Délire Listening Diary 6/6/2011 read more


Heavenly Music and a Wake-Up Call for the Earth
Marvin J. Ward, Classical voice of North Carolina, 6/18/2011. read more


...broad appeal, yet sufficiently advanced to satisfy those who look for the music of our time to engage in the sounds of our time...highly recommended."
Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review, October 2011

Textures and rhythms found in nature – bird song, mist, water drops, insect hisses – infuse this exciting symphonic music .... Meira Warshauer's orchestral voice expresses a passion for nature, and also for the musical and liturgical languages of Jewish tradition, in a sophisticated symphonic language native to our time.
Gigi Yellen-Kohn, JTNews, The Voice of Jewish Washington, 11/16/2011 read more


 Orchestral Music of Meira Warshauer

Symphony No. 1 Living Breathing Earth
Tekeeyah (a call), Shofar and Trombone concerto

Moravian Philharmonic, Petr Vronsky, conductor
Haim Avitsur, Shofar and Trombone soloist

Aileen LeBlanc's slideshow and profile of Living Breathing Earth Symphony. Paintings byCharlotte Riley-Webb. Radio piece aired June 3-10, 2011, on PRI'sLiving On Earth.

With Symphony No. 1 Living Breathing Earth, I invite you to imagine our precious earth breathing fully, in perfect health and harmony, with joyous energy. InTekeeyah (a call), I ask you to open your heart to its inner truth and to trust its deepest longings. I hope this music will help us hear the call from the earth and the Creator that we are one. — Meira Warshauer

shofar Haim Avitsur

Haim Avitsur, shofar and trombone soloist              photo by Ed Zirkle
The shofar is the horn of a ram or African antelope which is sounded in the Jewish tradition to awaken the soul.


IAWM Journal"The Sacred Concert Hall: Orchestra works of Meira Warshauer," Christina Reitz
Arty Semite"Shofars, Environmentalism, and Oversexed Cicadas," Eileen Reynolds
Fanfare"Sounding the Shofar—An Interview with Composer Meira Warshauer," Jerry Dubins
Jim's New York Experience"Auld Acquaintance Brought to Mind," Jim Fogle
Signature Women In Music"Hearing the Call from Within," Meira Warshauer
The Forward"A Concerto for Ancient Hebrew Ram’s Horn," Rahel Musleah
Living Music JournalCarson Cooman with Meira Warshauer about "Living, Breathing Earth"
Star-News Online"Composer's work employs rarely-used shofar," John Staton
Free Times"USC Symphony Unveils Concerto for … Shofar?" Ron Aiken
The State "Shofar's sound blasts the soul," Otis Taylor, Jr.
Jeffrey Day's Blogspot"New work at USC Symphony," Jeffrey Day

Performance Reviews:

"Living, Breathing Earth" deserves to be heard many, many more times, not only for its message that life on earth is in danger, and that we must be good stewards of the environment, but because it is such beautiful music.
Gerald Cochran, Classical Voice of North more

Seldom have I been so moved on the first hearing of a new work.
Laura McDowell, more

Some people hear music in colors. Some in images. Some in harmonic analysis. Some as passive entertainment. But somehow, Tekeeyah seemed to make us hear a search for meaning.

David Lowry, Free Times, Columbia more

It is without question that Mr. (Haim) Avitsur is an extremely accomplished trombonist. That he can coax tonal sounds and beautiful music out of a ram's horn is truly virtuosic and astounding.
G.C., more

Listener Comments from Live Performances:

“…a quick email saying how much I enjoyed the performance of your symphony at the Dayton Phil. I don't make it to concerts nearly as much as I used to, but when I heard the interview and excerpts from the piece, I had to go. The sounds and atmosphere you got from the orchestra were amazing. Are there plans to record it?”
– Stephen E., Dayton, OH

“I heard Ms. Warshauer’s piece, Living Breathing Earth on KRCC radio (Living on Earth broadcast). It is so moving. I wonder if there’s any way to purchase a recording of it?”
– Barbara McK., Colorado Springs, CO

“I heard part of your symphony on my local classical radio station in San Francisco. Since then, I have wanted to get a recording. Is it available?”
Betty S., San Francisco

"...your concerto was absolutely inspiring! I was so taken by the music and the story it told. We all listen to music but on this night I really heard the music and the lessons it revealed about the mind-body connection, finding purpose and inner strength, awakening our souls, and overcoming challenges. The final shofar calls in the piece, familiar to me from Rosh Hashana, were chilling, awakening us to be true to ourselves and others. I was inspired."
– USC Professor Daniela Friedman, Columbia, SC

“This piece (Tekeeyah) …was so profound, I left the concert with a sense of renewal and strength. Thank you again.”
– Beth M., Columbia, SC

"I attended the premiere in Brevard, NC, and it was a profoundly moving experience. The audience was held breathless by the beauty and quiet contemplative power of this composition."
– Pamela Blevins, Editor, Signature: Women in Music Magazine

In Memory:

Jose (Ze) Claudio Ribeiro da Silva and his wife Maria, who supported their family by tapping rubber trees in the rainforest of Brazil, were murdered May 24, 2011 for speaking out against forces destroying the forest. Their story was featured on the same PRI's Living on Earth program which ran Aileen LeBlanc's profile of my symphony. Here is a link to that story, with a moving video of Ze Claudio's prescient speech.