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“Living, Breathing Earth deserves to be heard many, many more times, not only for its message that life on earth is in danger, and that we must be good stewards of the environment, but because it is such beautiful music.”

Classical Voice of North Carolina

Orchestra and Orchestral–Chorus Works

Tekeeyah (a call) 
Concerto for Shofar/Trombone
(2009)  25'
2222, 4221, timp, 2 perc., harp, shofar/trombone, str
(2nd wind players double picc, E.H, Contrabsn)

consortium commission & premieres:
Wilmington (NC) Symphony, Brevard Philharmonic, University of South Carolina Symphony 2009; Western Piedmont Symphony 2010-2011; Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra 2011-2012. commissioning partners: Lilly Stern and Bruce Filler and Bill and Linda Stern in loving memory of their parents, Ben and Jadzia Stern
Tekeeyah on CD
Program Notes
The Jewish Daily Forward
Audio Excerpts


Symphony No. 1:  Living, Breathing Earth
I.  Call of the Cicadas 
II.  Tahuayo River at Night
III.  Wings in Flight
IV.  Living, Breathing Earth
(2007)  25'
3 (all dbl picc)322, 4331, timp, 2 perc., hp, pno, str
consortium commission and premieres:
Western Piedmont Symphony, South Carolina Philharmonic, Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra
(pub. Lauren Keiser Music Pub.)
Living Breathing Earth CD
Program Notes
Audio Excerpts

In Memoriam
2002) 7'
Solo cello and strings
written in response to September 11, 2001
premiere by Ina-Esther Joost, cello, and
King David Strings at the Israeli Embassy, Washington, DC 

Program Notes
Study Score
Audio Excerpt is performed by
Tallis Chamber Orchestra
Chris Johns, cello soloist


Beyond the Horizon
(2000) 4'30"
2222, 4221, timp, 2 perc., str
S.C. Phil. commission and premiere
(pub. Lauren Keiser Music Pub.)

Program Notes

Like Streams in the Desert
(1998) 8'
2222, 4221 (or tnb 3), timp, 3 perc, hp, str
Dayton Phil. commission and premiere
in honor of Israel’s 50th anniversary
(pub. Lauren Keiser Music Pub.)

Program Notes

Jerusalem, Open Your Gates
I.  Enter the Sacred Space
II.  Arise into Radiant Grace
III.  Open Your Gates and Receive God's Glory

(1997) 16'
2222,4331, timp, 3 perc, hp, pno, str
Hillel Festival Orchestra premiere at
U. of South Carolina, 1998
in honor of Israel's 50th anniversary
(pub. Lauren Keiser Music Pub.)
Audio Excerpts
Program Notes

Shabbat with King David
(1997) 3'
string orchestra
composed for Richland District II high school orchestra,
premiere Carnegie Hall
(pub. Kol Meira)

Program Notes

(1996) 7'40"
solo clarinet, 2222, 423, timp, 3 perc, pno, str
S.C. phil. premiere with Douglas Graham, clarinet,1996
Perspectives, MMC 2162, 2007
Rec. by Warsaw Philharmonic,
Richard Stoltzman, clarinet
(pub. Lauren Keiser Music Pub.)

Ahavah (Love)
I.  Sh'ma v'ahavta (Listen and Love)
II.  Hishamru (Beware)
III.  V'Samtem (Place the Words)

(1994) 20'
3333, 4331 timp, 3 perc, hp, str, SATB chorus, mezzo-soprano soloist
S.C.Phil. commision and premiere

Program Notes and Text

(1992) 8'
3333, 4331, timp, 3 perc. pno/cel, str
Robert Black Conducts, MMC 2008, 1994
(pub. Lauren Keiser Music Pub.)

Program Notes

As the Waters Cover the Sea
(a tribute to Mozart)

(1991)  11'
3222, 4331, timp 2 perc pno str
S. C. Phil.  commission and premiere
(pub. Lauren Keiser Music Pub.)

Program Notes

Born on a River
(1990) 20'
2222, 22,  timp, 2 perc, pno, str
SATB Wilmington (NC) Choral Society commission and premiere

Let’s Get the Rhythm
(1990) 5'
children’s chorus, str orch, band
Lexington School District I commission and premiere by elementary and middle-schools

Shacharit (an interpretation of the Sabbath Morning service)
(1989) 35'
3222, 4231, timp 3-4 perc, hp, str SATB chorus, soprano and tenor soloists,

Hillel Festival Orchestra premiere at U. of South Carolina, and Piccolo Spoleto

Program Notes

Yiddish Fantasy
(2001) 5'
solo violin, piano (tambourine), and strings
for Daniel Heifetz with The Classical Band

Program Notes